26 Feb

Wake at 6am needing a wee! Slept again til 7.30am.  8am Oats and a small apple with skimmed milk.  12.30pm – Greek lentil soup (fakesse or φακές) with one roti with a little pate.  Swim for 20 minutes – plough up and down the 25m pool whilst kids and H plays. I’m very thirsty and […]

25 Feb -130kg

Wake at 7am and get up. Read the news and chill in the quiet of a sleeping house hold.  8.30am – oats and a small apple with skimmed milk. 1/2 slice German rye bread.  No morning snack but loads of water.  1.30pm – 1/2 a 2 egg omelette with leek, onion and tomato.  Walk for […]


Well, I’m a regular guy who was diagnosed with diabetes and was seriously over weight.  I love food and I mean love! See the about me section for more about who I am and what I’m about.  The aim of this blog is to try and give others who, like myself are not gym bunnies […]